Worship - 10:30 @

Milady Coffee House

105 E. 6th Street, Fremont NE






Life is busy and complicated enough. We don't need another thing on our to-do list.

We need something simple!


At Cornerstone we strive to keep things simple. Church is about Jesus and God's kind intentions towards us. It really is good new. God is not at all who we thought He would be. The God of the Bible is much better than anyone of us could have every imagined. So, come along, let's do this together. Let's do our best to simply get to know Him - for who He truly is - not for who we imagined Him to be. 


We gather for worship every Sunday at 10:30am.

There is nothing fancy about us. We don't have the best worship band in town.  We don't have programs to meet your every want and need. We don't promise a great "experience" - a pep rally to get you through the week. What we do hope you will find is real people who want to know and follow Jesus in their real everyday lives. Come - join the adventure!


Sunday Worship 10:30 - 11:30am

Questions? Give Pastor Jeff a call @ 402-705-3940


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